Sunday 13 February 2022

Results of Challenge #420


Right folks, let's get straight onto the three top picks for Challenge 420 - which was the penultimate Ruby's Memory Challenge:

Lego cards are such fun, and also timeless as well as spanning a wide age group. I think I made my first Lego card after being inspired by Liz - and a reminder is always a good thing. I particularly love the dotty embossed background to add authenticity - and of course it's a great way to use up snippets!

What a super card from Caroline (KISS), after a bit of a break. With Valentine's Day fast approaching (I may need to resort to a fan dance with a rose between my teeth rather than a card - I hope A & E are on the ball, they could have a new deeply shocked and frightened patient chap to deal with) it's a really lovely way to use up lots of snippets. I love it.

I picked Linby's card because she showcased something we often forget about - leftover wrapping paper! When you're out shopping (who cracked that joke?!), it's always wise to just take a peek at wrapping papers, in supermarkets as well as specialist shops (much cheaper in supermarkets IMHO) - and also to save our own snippets after wrapping a gift of course! 
One tip, wrapping paper does crease really easily so I always carefully back any wrapping paper snippets I decide to use with 'medium strength' double sided adhesive paper, then mount it onto plain card, to avoid the dreaded 'crease/crumpling' - as well as glue lines showing through if it's a more absorbent paper! Ask me how I know this!

The randomly drawn winner of the box of mixed craft goodies (I've popped in a few additional donated items I'd missed into the parcel) is:
Well Liz, this really is your lucky week - a pick and also the winner of the bumper bundle! As such a regular player, and also one for coming up with great ideas for different and inspiring ways of using up snippets, I'm super-pleased for you.

To claim your prize please send me an email using the NEW Snippets Playground gmail address shown on the RH sidebar, with PLAYGROUND WINNER (or similar) in the subject line. Please add your FULL NAME above your home ADDRESS so that I can copy and paste it for speed and ease.

The sooner you let me have your address, the sooner I can post your prize off to you. These days I don't go to the Post Box on a regular basis.
The current snippets challenge still has almost a further week to run - just scroll down to find it. I also sent Ruby's Rescue Charity a further £25 (which included £5 Gift Aid tax donation) from us, raised by using your very generous donated goodies as prizes. We may not be able to save all abandoned puppies but I do hope we've done a bit to help. We stand at £275 raised, with one Ruby's Memory challenge for the rescue centre to go. Nine challenges @ £25 (including Gift Aid tax relief) = £225 plus the Grand Christmas Draw Extra Donation @ £50 = £275. One more to go and then we'll hit £300 in total! 
We 'mislaid' Dudley during the week. I was beavering away in my craft room upstairs and Len was resetting the TV in the lounge - and both of us thought that Dudley was with the other one of us! After at least 30 minutes, possibly longer, we realised he was missing (basically the house was far too quiet). A full search of house and garden came up with no Dudley to be found. Then Len checked the garage - and when he opened the door from the utility room, there in the darkness looking up at him was Dudley! He must have sneaked in earlier when Len went in for something and also been stood really still in the dark as the motion detection light switch is very sensitive - and the silly boy never woofed once! Treats and cuddles all round of course! 

On Friday, Dudley's beloved pal Arnie was out for a walk at the same time as Dudley. When they met, they hopped onto their hind legs for their cuddles routine whilst Len and Arnie's 'Dad' had a chat. It's so lovely to see, but no-one had a mobile phone handy to take a photo. This is an image I found on the internet almost a year ago, the first time they cuddled - it's not Arnie and Dudley but the size, colours and pose are perfect!

Love from Dudley and Di xxx


  1. Lovely picks and congratulations to all. Gosh that must have been scary missing Dudley! Xxx

  2. Congrats to all the showcased girls and to Liz on her prize win.

    Well done on your very generous donations to the dog rescue charity too.

    I reckon the reason Dudley didn’t bark is because he was enjoying a game of hide and seek! He thought one of you was counting to 100 indoors while he hid in the garage for you to find!!!!! C’mon - you KNOW he’s clever enough!


  3. Great picks as always and well done to Liz for her wonderful Lego card as well as being the lucky winner this time. Well deserved and I'm sure she will make excellent use of the goodies when she receives them. Shame you didn't get a picture of Dudley and his pal but this is a great photo nonetheless.

  4. Congratulations to Liz and those showcased - happy Sunday


  5. Beautiful cards and congrats Liz enjoy your win super cute photo too enjoy your day its a wet one here x

  6. Doing a happy dance, when I saw my card up there! Thanks for choosing it and congrats to Liz and Linby - great work and inspiration for using up those snippets.
    Lol at Dudley in the garage - it must have been such a relief to find him.

  7. Oh WOW, a pick and a winner! Thank you so much, Di. Congratulations to the pick for their wonderful cards.
    Poor Dudley being left in the garage, perhaps he'll think twice about sneaking in next time. xx

  8. Well done Liz! and to Carline. Thanks for picking my make. You know I never backed the paper because it was so thick! My friend must spend far more than me on wrapping paper - such quality lol! Pleased you found Dudley, I know my heart would have been racing.

  9. OMG! I Love Dudley and Arnie together and poor Dudley stuck in the utility closet :(
    Great picks and congrats to Liz!

  10. I can image your panic when you and Len realized that Dudley was missing!! Such great relief finding him in the garage! He is a mischievous doggie that wanted play to high and seek for sure, as Sarn said! :D
    Beautiful picks and congrats to Liz!!!

  11. Darling photo! Congrats to the winners, your cards are fabulous!

  12. Congrats to the top picks and Liz. Our cat has a habit of nipping into places after us and getting locked in. We usually miss her after a while and if yelling out the door doesn't work then a round of recently visited rooms is in order. Hugz

  13. I've never seen dogs hug ... I hope some day you'll get a photo of Dudley doing it! Great picks again, and I'm so impressed at the amount donated to animal rescue.

  14. Aww poor Dudley, I'm sure he wondered what was going on!
    Great picks, congrats to Liz and I love that Lego card!

  15. That must have been scary when you couldn't find Dudley so I am glad you tracked him down. Doggie friends are always a joy! Look at these two lookalikes, so cute, I can just picture Dudley and his buddy! Congratulations to all winners and picks! Beautiful use of snippets, everyone!

  16. Congrats to Liz for her great lego card and to Caroline and Linby too for their great entries! Love the hugging playmates photo and Dudley was probably just playing hide and seek with you! Lil stinker :)

  17. Great picks as usual Di and congratulations to Liz for winning the super prize. Glad you did eventually find Dudley and the photo of the two lookalike dogs is so sweet and can visualise Arnie and Dudley doing likewise. x

  18. Congrats to Liz! What great picks, absolutely superb!
    The photo pf Dudley is so cute!

  19. Great picks and well done Liz xx

  20. Oh no--bet your hearts were racing when you couldn't find Dudley! I've been through that more than once! Fritz will follow me into a back bedroom & I won't even know it. We keep the doors shut & he just waits to be found--no barking, which always surprises me. Wonderful picks! I'd seen the lego card & literally gasped in amazement! So wonderful to help the rescue--every pound helps them save more pups! Way behind with the computer, so probably won't get my card entered in the challenge, but there's always next time.

  21. Yes, wonderful cards especially Liz's Lego one. I do hope you get a picture of Dudley hugging, that sure would make my day to see that! Glad you found him, the little scamp.

  22. Congratulations everyone!! Liz your lego card is AMAZING!!!

  23. Congrats to all the top picks and to Liz for her spectacularly realistic Lego card! My kids, and now my grandchildren love playing with Legos so they have a place in my heart.
    I'm so glad you found Dudley before too long because I hate to think of him sitting there in the dark. I wonder if he worried that you might all miss each other in passing if he moved? I'm sure he got extra cuddles after that small adventure.


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