Sunday 27 March 2022

Results of Challenge #423


Spring is sprung! Hooray for a few days of lovely sunshine here.  Did those of you in the UK (and any other places affected) remember to change your clocks? Spring forward - which means we lose an hour's sleep.

Here are the results of the final Ruby's Memory Challenge, with the 'picks' first:

This is such a clever card, made by Karen (Ladd). To see it open, do hop over to Karen's blog post HERE - a really great design, beautifully made (and 'constructed' too!) and of course plenty of snippets used. Love it!

This is just one of three cards that Janis made after a good rummage through her scraps/snippets etc. So good to see a real selection of cards appearing as if by magic out of 'bits and bobs'!  

So that was two picks featuring St Patrick's Day cards - and my final pick is a Mother's Day card:

Vicky made this really elegant card from a few snippets of flowers she'd previously coloured. I do love how Vicky happily shows what she began her project with and then tells how she set about making the card. Her idea for the 'Mother's Day' part of the sentiment is genius! You'll need to pop over to find out ☺ 

As always, we had some great entries. If you're a pick, please always feel free to collect your 'Top picks' badge from the 'Badges' page.

Onto the prize draw, that lovely trio of Easter Egg holders, also really useful for card fronts. And the winner is:


To claim your prize please send me an email using the Snippets Playground gmail address shown on the RH sidebar, with PLAYGROUND WINNER (or similar) in the subject line. Please add your FULL NAME above your home ADDRESS so that I can copy and paste it for speed and ease.

The current snippets challenge still has almost a further week to run - just scroll down to the previous post to find it. 

We finally reached the £300 target for the USPCA Rescue Centre in Northern Ireland - well done once again to all of you who donated prizes.

Next week it will be Sarn writing the blog post for the new Challenge #425. So there won't be a Dudley 'Pupdate' on here - but I propose to still write about Dudley over at Pixies if there's anything to report when I'm taking it a bit easier. And of course on here when it's my turn to write posts. So do still pop into Pixies if you see a post appear on your reading list. If it's anything important then Sarn will let you know to pop over - but it's only fair that Sarn's posts are hers alone. And really, Dudley's tails tales are mine to tell of course. Mind you - I'm still not too sure where his loyalties truly lie, he will happily cover up high jinx in return for treats! I have eyes in the back of my head - as my Mum always used to say when I was into mischief. ☺

Dudley won't pose for photos right now (has only just stopped wearing a paper bag over his head during his walks) - but the fun still goes on. He wears a very sweet harness when he goes out for walks and his latest trick upon hearing the rattle of his harness, collar (legal requirement in the UK and it has his ID tag on) and lead is to dive onto our bed and lie on his back playing possum! It's like trying to knit with spaghetti manipulating a harness onto an upside down and very uncooperative pooch! Then, as soon as the harness and collar are on him - he hops up as if to say - 'OK, I had my fun, let's go!' And off he trots quite happily. 

Edit - result! On Friday afternoon, Len managed to catch Dudley whilst they were playing chase/fetch the ball (Dudley here, 'you gotta be kidding me - I don't do fetch').

See, I wasn't kidding about his ears having to be cut short after the nasty matt removal, but they will grow back and still be peach and silky soft and at least he still has his plume of a tail ☺ The other day, post massacre, a lady passing by said 'Hello gorgeous' - we're pretty sure she was referring to Dudders, although I did detect a slightly hopeful 'preen' from Mister Len!

Love from Dudley (Mister W-B) and Di xxx


  1. Of course it was for Dudley!! After all if you don't live with all his mischief, of course he is gorgeous... Do you think it is safe for Sarn to have the computer up in the tree house??

  2. Aww - he’s still cute after his close shave (Dudley, not Len!!!).

    Congrats to Liz on her win and to all the showcased girls.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. Great picks as always and some visiting to do for the lowdown on the details. Pleased to see that Liz has won the prize this time, I'm sure she could do with a little cheering up at the moment. Well done for getting a picture of short-eared Dudley, gorgeous as ever.

  4. Super picks again, Di. Very clever way of adding the Mother’s Day sentiment on Vicky’s card. I’m doing a Happy Dance after seeing that I’m the winner this time. Thank you! xx

  5. Great picks again Di and congratulations to Liz. Even after his very short hair cut Dudley looks as cute as ever and still full of mischief I'm x

  6. Lovely picks and big congrats to Liz!
    Dudley seems really a puppy again!! How cute with the short ears!! :D
    Hugs to you and a lot of cuddles and treats to him! :)

  7. Awwwwww....Dudley is just adorable with his short hair cut....esp around the ears! Cute!!!
    Thank you so much for choosing my set of cards as one of your favorites this time around. My life is just crazy and no sign of it letting up so it is a rare treat to be able to sit down and craft AND actually enter some challenges. So this encouragement came at a nice time for me. Thank you!
    Congratulations to the Liz and I know her win will be a cheer-bringer to her also.
    Congrats and well done to the other Top Picks! Yay!!! Karen's card is so clever and Vicky's card is just beautiful!!
    Take care and thank you again!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  8. Beautiful cards and congratulations Liz enjoy your prize l love Dudley and his short hair super cutie and it will grow back again xx

  9. Wonderful picks & congrats to Liz! Oh that Dudley--a cutie no matter what! How come our "bad hair days" aren't cute?!

  10. Oh my gosh, Dudley is just the cutest with his short little ears! He knows he's handsome, no matter what kind of haircut he has...and we all love him anyway!


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