Friday 30 June 2023

Possible solution to leaving us a comment!

Hi Girls

Di and I like to be able to reply to your comments to make things more fun, or give out useful info and we therefore wish to keep the "embedded" comments on Snippets Playground posts rather than change the comment box to "pop up".

If you have been struggling to leave us a comment, we may just have come up with a solution for some of you - at least if you have an iPhone (and it might work for an iPad too - but I don't have one of those to check out).

So, if you are having problems leaving comments on blogs with embedded comments, the solution MAY be for you to ALLOW cross-site tracking on your iPhone (and possibly the iPad).

Basically, if you go into your iPhone SETTINGS and select your web browser (I use Safari), then scroll down to the PRIVACY & SECURITY section, there is an option that says "Prevent Cross-site Tracking" where I have the radio button switched OFF (i.e. the button is white, not green). 

One playmate who was unable to leave us a comment on the blog before she changed her settings to the above subsequently found she was able to comment without any problem - so Di and I thought we would pass on this information in case it helps others.

Sarn x


  1. Fabulous, now I can comment without problems (I'm on the PC, so I haven't change setting)

  2. Sarn is a star if this works - after all the months of folk across lots of challenges having problems, how wonderful if changing one setting cures it! xx

  3. I haven’t had issues here, but did somewhere else, and found this solution that definitely works. So thanks Sarn for sharing this, as lots of us need simple solutions :) xxx

  4. Hi Di! Thanks for the tips on being able to comment! I was using a laptop (old). I have a new computer, and am able to comment here, so I'm hopeful!

  5. Oh wow it does work! Yeharrr thank you. Sooo much. ❤️


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