Sunday 19 November 2023

Results of Challenge #466


Here we go with the picks from Challenge #466, in numerical order:

How lovely to see Jules, who was the Playground's Founder, back with us after a break, bringing this fabulous card - and she certainly hasn't lost her wonderful touch with card making. Spot the heart folks! 

Not all snippets need to be teeny-tiny and Alison's card really caught my eye - it's gorgeous! I love how the addition of just some touches of white pencil on the berries instantly adds shine!

I absolutely could not resist including this wonderful Christmas card from Vicky - it's absolute perfection IMHO!

Basically, the weeks get tougher for doing the picks as so many of you do strive hard to stick to the Snippets ethos and come up with beautiful designs at the same time. Well done to the picks - and huge thanks to everyone who played along. You are all stars in my eyes!

The randomly drawn winner of the prize bundle is:


Congratulations Inkami (Franka)! To claim your prize, please send an email using the Snippets Playground email address shown on the RH sidebar, with PLAYGROUND WINNER (or similar) in the subject line. Please add your FULL NAME above your home ADDRESS so that I can copy and paste it for speed and ease.

Don't forget folks, Sarn is still running her current Challenge HERE! And my own snippets card for today, as well as a Dudley Pupdate can be found HERE

Love from Di and Dudley, 


  1. Congratulations to the winners - some amazing, and inspiring, work there.

  2. Beautiful picks Di. Congrats to Franka on her win xxx

  3. Congratulations to the winner and you've selected some great picks as always.

  4. Three wonderful pick! I'm impressed by the fabulous stitched card from Jules, I would like being able to stitch! :)

  5. Me this morning - Oh that's my card!
    Thank you, I was not expecting that. Always a difficult choice, I'm sure, as there is so much inventiveness and such inspiration. I'd best go and rummage through my snippets and see what else I can use. 😊

  6. Wonderful selection of Top Picks. Congratulations on Inkami on their win. xx

  7. Beautiful cards and well deserved to be showcased congratulations to the winner enoy your win x

  8. Fabulous picks and congratulations to Inkami too.
    Kath x

  9. Ah .. .. think you so much for the lovely welcome back and for choosing my first creation in ages as one of your picks .. .. I am really enjoying myself and am having fun bringing my blog back to life again! Certainly no shortage of snippets that's for sure.
    Congratulations to the other playmates who had their cards chosen and to Inkami on her win!
    I may have been the found of the snippets playground, but it is you who has made it the success that it is Di. I think the only thing I can take any credit for is is introducing the word "snippet/snippets" into the crafty part of blogland .. .. and that was only because I didn't like them being referred to as "scraps" or "leftovers" LOL!!! The creations that people make and bring to the playground are proof that they are far more than just waste!
    Have a good week everyone.
    Love Jules xx

    1. Hi Jules! Without your initial idea of a snippets challenge - we could all be knee deep in scraps, waste, leftovers OR even SNIPPETS! I've loved moving us on a bit with the times and now also having the huge help of Sarn. I hope that 'Snippets' will be here for a long while to come! Love, Di xx

  10. Three wonderful picks and congratulations to Franka for winning the lovely prize this time. x

  11. Congratulations to Franka on her win! So happy to see my card (made with that gorgeous set!) making the picks this week :) I am in VERY good company with not only Alison and her gorgeous shiny berry card but also Playground founder Jules - so much fun to hunt the heart again! Thanks ladies for all your hard work bringing the fun of this challenge to us all! Vicky xx

  12. Congrats to the top picks for sharing these fab cards. Thank you for the lovely random draw goodies!


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