Sunday 23 January 2022

Challenge #420 - Ruby's Memory

 Our wee Ruby 2005-2020

No snippets card from me today although this is the 9th challenge for Ruby's Memory. It's actually the penultimate challenge raising funds for the Rescue Centre. We've almost reached 10 challenges and the Toy Box is also almost cleaned out of your wonderful craft goodies which you so kindly donated for Ruby's Memory. We've made a good deal of money, thanks to you lovely people who donated goodies,  and afterwards I will be taking out my own regular monthly donations - to still help the USPCA charity with its wonderful work.

Let's get straight onto what the prize is this time and it's a real bumper bundle! So much so that I can't really take photos of everything. Here's an outline list to whet your appetites:

From Lia:

Marianne 'Playtime' stamps set,  labels/tags set of cutting dies and pre-printed Happy Birthday sentiments 

From Heather:

Fun Stampers set of 30 'Little BIG Greetings' stamps

From Jackie T

Packet of 'shaped edge' papers

Two packets of 'foam roses'

From Zoe

A bundle of assorted image stamps including floral, foliage and Magnolia 

I think there's also a sweet 'oval, almost wreath like' die but as I'm typing, this everything has been tucked away again and I'm not sure which of the above Playmates donated it. It's a real lucky dip assortment - all brand new of course and will be sent in a flat box to one lucky winner! I won't split it, needless to say.

That leaves just one rather fun prize to be offered in six weeks time, as the final Ruby's Memory prize. One hint, just in time for Easter!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 5th February. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day. Mr Linky is below this post.

I was delighted that all Grand Draw winners sent me their addresses pretty quickly which means that ALL the Grand Draw prizes were posted on Friday, UK AND including those going overseas! Some of you UK gals have already received yours as I did send them 1st Class - even though our local Post Office Sorting Office is under huge pressure due to COVID absences. It took the best part of three days to do all the packaging etc. and I so hope I didn't make any mistakes. Your challenge is to use the little note-let I enclosed (bought from Amazon) and upcycle the front of it!

Please do drop a quick email to the Snippets email address when your prize arrives, so that I can 'tick them off my long list'!

Dudley spent a lot of that 'wrapping' time lying underneath my desk - he just loves the sound of rustling cello bags and packaging! You can just imagine what Christmas present opening is like here - manic, and then he needs to inspect and 'nose dab' everything as his seal of approval.

I must try and get a photo of him with his beloved Honka Duck. Monkey is rarely looked at these days and Honka goes everywhere with him - we have to stop him from taking it out for a play in the garden! It's not much smaller than a real life Mallard duck and Dudley looks so cute when he's carrying it to and fro in his mouth. All you can see is a sideways on duck, big dark brown eyes peeping over the top and little front legs tootling along below it!

I think you do need a photo of Dudley anyway - it's spot on three years ago and popped up on my Facebook account the other day. He was just six months old and in dire need of a 'man bun' elastic band as a top knot to hold the hair out of his eyes:

Cute huh?

As I said previously, that was the very last Grand Draw to be run, day upon day over Christmas and New Year. I've really loved doing them for a few years now but it's such a lot of work that I've been stressing, eating evening meals at my desk and burning the midnight oil for what seems like a lot of the time during recent weeks. Cue the violins!

I'm really hoping to now have more time and be able to join in a few challenges myself - which brings me to a reminder that it's almost Rudolph Days Challenge time over at ScrappyMo's HERE. As of now, I'm unsure if Mo will run the challenge (25th January to the end of the month) but Al is making great progress after his heart bypass surgery so she just might!  

Love and hugs from Dudley and Di, xx


  1. You deserve a medal, not violins :)……it was such good fun though, are you sure you don’t want to do it again ;) , only kidding!
    Just playing for fun this time, but good luck everyone, see you up in the treehouse xxx

  2. Cor! That sounds like a nice bundle of prizes.

    Here I am bright and early (yaaaawn) playing on the swings. I see I have Lesley for company too! Will put the coffee on up in the Treehouse then!

    Agree with Lesley that you need a medal for that mammoth draw over Christmas and the New Year!

    Playing just for fun thanks.

    Good luck to all. Everyone is welcome up in the Treehouse for refreshments and whatever else I smuggle in via my bulging satchel!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. A lovely selection of prizes and I would like a chance to win, please.

    Thank you too for organising the Grand Draw - I'll let you know as soon as my prize arrives. I love the photo of Dudley - so cute!

    Kath x

  4. Blogging is a work of art fun and challenging also passionate and time consuming your great at all of these but time for yourself is a must so hopefully you will get that your one amazing lady....once my card appears l will be playing for fun good luck all enjoy your day Di hugs to Dudley xx

  5. Really a big prize this time, thanks to all the generous ladies who donated goodies, and thank you for your donations to the Rescue Centre!! I will enter a bit later, but say Yes please for the chance just now. :)
    How cute photo of Dudley when he was a puppy of only six months old!
    Cuddles to him and hugs to you :)

  6. My hat's off to you Di for all you do and also to everyone else who generously donates to such a worthy cause and to the crafters who play here! Ruby's picture is just beautiful and Dudley just couldn't possibly get any cuter so thanks for sharing so much of your life with your readers all the time. I'm heading to the treehouse with my oversized mug and bringing along a big tin of almond cookies to share, but I can't stay long because I need to work on my Rudolph Days card! Big hugs and heartfelt thanks for all you do Di and it's a yes please for me this time around!

  7. What a great big prize this time, thanks to all the amazing ladies who donated goodies! YES PLEASE! I will enter soon!
    LOVE fluffy Dudley when he was a puppy!Cuddles to him and big hugs to you :)

  8. Aww...what a sweet photo of Dudley!
    How exciting to know that my Grand Draw prize is on its way! :)
    I'll be sure to let you know when it arrives, but the post around here is messed up at the moment it might be delayed - I posted a card on Friday night (at the local sorting office) and it was showing the next collectio day as Tuesday! We haven't had any deliveries in well over a week either - eek!
    As I'm a recent winner I'm playing just for fun this time.
    Helen x

  9. Since I ended up forgetting to enter the last challenge, due to a nasty cold that ran its way through our whole family (but at least it wasn't COVID!), I'll make sure to pull out my snippets for this one. YES PLEASE to the chance for a prize and thank you so much to the people who donated prizes, and to you Di for your awesome hostessing. You deserve a long, relaxing break now after the Christmas Draw, and I think Dudley should give you a foot massage too, lol!

  10. Bumper prize thanks to some generous ladies who visit the Playground. I'm playing for fun this time around. Thanks too for all the work you put into this - much appreciated.

  11. Yes, please to the most generous prize. Love that picture of Dudley. He looks adorable with his one little eye peeking out.

  12. OMGoodness, thank you for that awesome holiday Grand Prize giveaway and all the work involved, not to mention the cost of postage - you are beyond generous and are most appreciated! Thank you for a new Ruby's Memory challenge - this is such a good cause and I am so happy to link up a card! I am a Yes, Please for the prize - it looks delightful - thank you to everyone who donated! Dudley is so precious - as always!

  13. Wow, that is a bumper set of goodies! Thank you to Lia, Heather, Jackie and Zoe xx
    Aww wee Dudley couldn't look any cuter or more cuddly than he does in that pic!

  14. Yes Please to this wonderful array of craft goodies, and thank you so much to everyone involved. Of course, none of it would have happened without you Di, and the fact that the Rescue Center benefited greatly makes this even more fabulous. I can't even imagine all the time, work and postage that went into the draw, and am more than appreciative. As for Dudley...I just want to grab him up and give him a HUGE snuggle!

  15. Hope you've opened a bottle of wine after all your hard work with the Grand Draw, Di. A super bumper prize this time, thanks to everyone who donated crafty goodies for the prize. I'll be a Yes Please to have my name put in the hat for the draw. (Such a cute photo of Dudley!) xx

  16. Your work on the grand prize draw is greatly appreciated by everyone, thanks to you and the donors for your generosity. Playing for fun this round.

  17. You truly are a gem! Playing Santa long after Christmas... you don't need to feel bad about retiring that gig. You've earned that retirement, dear friend! Love hearing about Dudley's new friend and I'll bet that Stinky Monkey is enjoying some rest? So funny! Now... about that great sounding prize pack. I'll give a resounding "yes please" for the draw! And thanks to all the people who donated these treats!

  18. I was excited to enter the challenge again. I love using some of my snippets on cards and this challenge encourages me to do just that! Thank you for all your hard work, just to add some fun to our crafty lives.

  19. Yes, please to the wonderful prize!
    Love Dudley's fluffy look in the photo! He is a cutie!

  20. I love the look of the new blog. I shall put your badge on my page. I shall try to link up a bit more often this year but I am not playing for prizes unless I specifically ask to. The new import duties on anything sent from UK really make it hard to justify, and I am 'supposed to be' downsizing my craft stuff this year!

  21. So happy to be playing along and using up some snippets.
    Thanks to everyone who donated the lovely goodies. Yes, I would love to be in with a chance of winning xxx

  22. Well done on raising the money and making so many people happy with the prizes. I love that old photo of Dudley - super cute.
    I'm just playing for fun.
    L x

  23. Gosh, what a lot of packing and the Dudley nose of approval made me laugh. Thanks so much Di for all your hard work and generous prizes. Yes please to be in the draw. I am really trying to get on top of a new snippets mountain. Hugz

  24. So wonderful to have helped the rescue organization with the challenges! Sounds like a great prize package & I'll throw my name in the hat, please. So fun to see that baby Dudley & hope you do get a picture of him with his Duck! Sending hugs, Greta

  25. What a great price package. Love to be in the draw.
    The picture of Dudley looks so cute and fluffy.

  26. A wonderful prize Di and thank you again for your huge effort in the Christmas Draw and as I won a lovely prize in that, I will be playing just for fun this time. Dudley looks so cute and fluffy in his pic! x

  27. Wow, Dudley is so cute!
    Yes for the prize, please.
    Valerija xx

  28. Dudley, just so cute! Cannot believe you've gotten all those prizes wrapped and posted. You're amazing.
    Yes please on the prize.

  29. Wow, I have been gone for ages (!) I did not even know you have opened a separate blog for these challenges. Hope to have a bit more time for crafting (organised my working hours in a new way so there should be time to have a bit more me-time also).

    Dudley is looking as cute as I remembered.

    YES PLEASE for the prizes. I will be popping back tomorrow with my card.


  30. That Dudley dog will always be ca-uuuuute!! lol Yes, please to the awesome prize bundle - and MANY thanks to all the ladies who donated!! So generous!! And hoping to see more lovely projects, Di!!!

  31. What sterling work you have done with those massive grand prize draws Di. Such fun for us all but I am sure it has been a huge undertaking over the festive period for you. And raising money and awareness for the USPCA has been a wonderful thing to do too so a great big thank you! Lovely to see the photo of Dudley as a youngster having a floppy hair day!

    This is a bumper prize and a half! I'm just playing for fun this time thank you :)
    Hugs, Vicky xx

  32. Thank you Di for organizing such wonderful challenge blog all these while. Hope you will be able to have fun yourself joining others challenges. Yes please for the awesome prize bundle.
    Warm hugs.

  33. Yes please. Just finished mine.

  34. Glad to find you!! :) Yes, I'd love to win!! :) Thank you!

  35. I created my card from my beautiful prize I won awhile back and don't want to sound greedy but heck yes I am going to say YES, lol. Thanks so much, this edger die is so beautiful I just had to come here and show you! Your Dudley is a handsome dude! I bet he is just full of mischief!! Thanks for the fun challenge!!

  36. What a wonderful donation you've been able to make in Ruby's memory! Another showing of your generous heart. I will be playing just for fun this time, thanks!

  37. I know I say it a lot, but you are amazing and generous with your time and money and we all love you, Di! And Dudley, of course! Hard to believe it's been three and a half years. What joy! Must dash, I see some of the gals are coming back from a bike ride and will be in need of a hot toddy! Hugs, Darnell

    1. I've got my eye on you Missy!! Next you'll be asking for sliced lemons!


      Di xx

  38. Darling photos of Dudley! Yes, please for prizes. Have a great day.

  39. Lieve mooie foto's van Dudley.
    Wat een mooi prijzen pakket.
    Ik zeg ja.
    Groetjes Elle-jeanne

    1. Begrijp niet goed wat je bedoelt met welk fragment ik heb gebruikt?

    2. Ik heb de materialen erbij gezet.
      Groetjes Elle-jeanne

  40. What a great range of prizes. If I should win, I will donate my contribution to another crafter, so I say yes!
    Lia xx

  41. What a whopper prize Di...but just joining in for fun on this one.

  42. Morning,
    Oh My! Sounds like a fab prize this time around, doesn't it? There are several things I probably wouldn't use so I think I'm just playing for fun this time around.

    FABULOUS pic of the delightful Dudders too

    Happy Wednesday


  43. A fabulous selection of prizes, how wonderful, thank you to the ladies. I would love to be entered into the draw please.
    I hope you’re enjoying a well deserved rest now Di, thanks again for organising the excellent draw.
    Janice x

  44. Hi Di. No violins playing… you deserve a break for all you did and do. Thank you for continuing to run this challenge. The prizes sound wonderful, but I’m playing just for fun.

    Dudley is cute as ever!

  45. Oh, my goodness, Di! You deserve a break after all the Grand Draw Prize mailings!! Your efforts are so very much appreciated, but you are truly super-human to do that for so many years. I totally understand how life comes to a screeching halt after a huge event like that. For everyone else, their lives go on but for the organizer the work continues!! lol... THANK YOU for the work and your amazing generosity. You are the best!! I can see Dudley as your little "helper"...ha! He's so adorable in that older picture. Still such a cutie!!

    I made a special card for this challenge this time. I only have a few doggy items, but this worked out perfectly. Yes, please, to the wonderful prize this time around. Thank you to the kind ladies who contributed to it.

    Thank you for this lovely challenge and for what it means to the Rescue organization!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  46. What a treasure trove of goodies. Best of Luck to everyone. I am playing just for fun to support Ruby's Challenge and, of course, had to share a dog.

  47. you are super-woman indeed, to managed all these drawings and all this mailing, uf. thank you so much for all your work and your generosity.
    and Dudley is soooo cute and so little, ohhh. I can imagine him playing around, I just love dogs, we have our dog Emma, a rescue dog and she is pure love.
    yes for the amazing prize, please.
    have a great weekend xx


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