Sunday 30 January 2022

Results of Challenge #419


Many thanks to all those of you who have already let me know that your Grand Draw prize has arrived. The record time seems to be six days from posting to arriving in New Zealand - that's really good going! Do keep letting me know when your prizes arrive - the new 'Playground specific' email address is on the RH side bar.

Let's dive straight into the picks from our previous challenge.

The first one is actually a *Gold Star* too:

I don't think I've ever seen such a detailed card in the Snippets Playground, some of those snippets must be really teeny tiny! It was brought to share by our lovely Lesley - and I just can't begin to even ponder how long it must have taken to make. Really worthy of a *Gold Star*! Please collect your badge Lesley, if you wish of course, from the badges page/tab above.

Vinita made this stunning card, already recognised for awards on other blogs and that's not surprising. It's so elegant and really striking at the same time - beautiful work. The flowers are Uniko stamps folks, one of my favourite brands here in the UK - hop over to Vinita's for more details.

Vicky raced in at the last minute with this delightful card - made entirely from snippets. I do suggest that you pay Vicky's post a visit HERE as she's shows the card evolving from what looked like a heap of scraps ('total chaos' as Vicky described it - her words not mine, little smile here) - into the gorgeous finished product. I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin to be honest!

And here's another fabulous card, again as a result of rootling through assorted scraps/snippets. This was made by Swissie (Liv to a lot of us) and it's gorgeous! Absolutely nothing goes to waste in Liv's crafting area for sure, the flower centres are the punched out circles after making tags. Shame on me, I just sweep them up and dispose of them!  

Please feel free to collect your 'Top Picks' badge from the badges tab/page at the top of the blog. 

That's the picks from Challenge #419 in the Playground and we had 48 entries - which is a very healthy number for a two week challenge where you can only enter once!

A gentle reminder, please, please say what snippets you used and also add a link into the Playground in your blog post to be considered for a top 'pick' place and/or to be entered into the prize draw.

And here's the winner of the prize from Challenge #419 (it's the two Saturated Canary girlies stamps - 'Stinker' and 'Ooh La La' - plus IndigoBlu's 'Giggles' set of fun sentiments):

Sarah (Wills)

This one really made me smile. Sarah has only just returned to play with us after a bit of an absence and she hits lucky straight away! Well done Sarah - I know from your work that you'll have a great time colouring the images and will also have some fun with those snarky sentiments. ☺  

To claim your prize please send me an email using the NEW Snippets Playground gmail address shown on the RH sidebar, with PLAYGROUND WINNER (or similar) in the subject line. Please add your FULL NAME above your home ADDRESS so that I can copy and paste it for speed and ease.

The sooner you let me have your address, the sooner I can post your prize off to you as I don't go to the Post Box on a regular basis.

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current challenge #420 - just scroll back a little to find it. 

No real news on the Dudley front - this past week has been pretty uneventful. We have finally taken down the last of the indoor protective measures we had in place when he was just a puppy. Nope, the part of the garden awaiting the project in the Spring is still out of bounds to him - he'd be digging a tunnel to Australia otherwise! 

Ha, after doing that, today I spotted that his beloved Honka Duck had a good sized piece of one of his 'webbed feet' hanging by a thread - Dudley must have been working on that for a little while, scamp! I just snipped it off and it's fine for the moment. Luckily we have a spare new duck hidden away, along with, wait for it, three or four 'totally new and still in their packets' Stinky Monkeys! You can never tell when something will become a new 'favourite' for sure!

Lots of love from Dudley Dog and of course me,

Di xx 


  1. Wow!!! Those top picks are all just spectacular and yet so different from each other. Lesley's multi-storied, furnished house has me sitting here with my jaw dropping! All those details and inlaid pieces. From the look of this die, it seems that the furniture might all be part of the actual house die and now I'll need to search online to see who makes it. Such a fun card! Vanita, Vicky and Liv all made gorgeous cards as well, and I'm off to check out their blogs for an up close and personal peek. Well done everyone!

    1. You're right Karen. the furniture is part of the dolls house die but all the wallpapers and inlaid pieces aren't. It's discontinued sadly but it's by Tattered Lace (a UK company) Ref. D565. xx

    2. Oh, so sad to hear that it's been discontinued because it's so unique. I did searches online to no avail, but now I see why. I do love the way she used mirror card for some of the inlaid pieces as well. Just amazing!

  2. Hi Miss Di, I'll roll out the red carpet here in Aus, Dudley would be welcome after having a bath of course! Congratulations to Sarah, Vinita, Vick, Leslie and Liv. I'm with you I sweep the little bits up and toss them in an empty cereal box which once full goes out to the recycling bin... Have a wonderful week... Megan

  3. Always amazing work by the playmates--congrats to the picks! Always chuckle hearing Dudley stories--thanks for sharing them, Di! Sending hugs, Greta

  4. Congrats to Sarah on her win, and to all the other showcased picks.

    Kudos to Lesley for her wonderful Gold Star card - it’s so detailed and must’ve taken ages to make.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Congratulations to Sarah, and thanks for giving my little house a gold star! All the picks were amazing, you are all so talented xxx

  6. Some great picks and many congratulations to Lesley for achieving a gold star for her very detailed house design.

  7. Fabulous Top Picks and congratulations to Sarah too.
    Kath x

  8. Congrats to everyone. The top picks are very well deserved. Beautiful makes!

  9. Wonderful picks. Congratulations to Lesley on her well deserved Gold Star and to Sarah on her win. xx

  10. What great picks! Congrats to Sarah with such a stunning make and detailing work. Thanks for the honor for the Top picks!

  11. Congratulations Sarah enjoy your win and absolutely fabulous picks Di xx

  12. Beautiful top picks and congrats to Sarah x

  13. A truly worth gold star winner right there! I nearly fell over when I saw Lesley's fabulous card! Lovely cards from Vinita and Liv too and I'm honoured that my card was displayed alongside theirs. Congrats to Sarah on her win too :)
    It's such a milestone to take down all the safety paraphernalia isn't it! Guess your Dudley is all grown up now! Hugs, Vicky x

  14. A worthy gold star winner of a card by Lesley and the other three are great picks too Di, and congratulations to Sarah as the winner this time. I can't believe that it only took six days to get a prize to New Zealand, and it really irritates me as I sent a card to our son in Australia on the 2nd December and it still hasn't arrived, not expecting that it will now. 😔

  15. Oh Wow, what a lovely surprise Di!! I am a very lucky girl indeed. Thank you so much ladies for your kind words, see you all soon xx

  16. Love your picks this week Di, such clever crafters!
    Congratulations to Sarah.
    Janice x

  17. I'm sorry cut the ducks foot off??? I think I need a cup of tea. Hope honky duck is a good hopper LOL. Congrats to the top picks and winner. Hugz


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